Profiled boards of exceptional quality are produced with aspen wood originating in Europe

The planning quality of aspen profiled boards produced by 4PLUS is outstanding. The homogeneous aspen wood makes it perfectly suited for use as solid wood finished by painting, staining, veneering, or foiling. Being of a deciduous species, the aspen wood contains no resin, which constitutes an advantage compared to the wood of coniferous species, whose resin may appear well after processing during use.

Furthermore, lack of resin is an advantage if the article is being veneered or foiled. Wood of certain African and South American species of trees has similar properties, though the aspen originates in Europe. The shorter transportation distance allows for more flexibility in delivery to customers.

Our technical facilities enable us to produce upon demand a vast variety of profiled boards in thickness of 20–120 mm, in width up to 1200 mm, and in length up to 6000 mm.

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