4PLUS briquettes

4plus briketes

Calorific value and burning time of wood-chip briquettes correlates with humidity and density of the briquettes: the drier and denser briquettes, the longer they burn and more heat produce.

While briquettes burn, water evaporates and cracks appear, which leads to imminent crumbling.

The drier the briquette, the longer it burns and less succumb to crumbling.

4PLUS aspen briquettes are significantly denser and dryer than other ones on the market.

Their combustion temperature is higher, while the burning and disintegration time is longer.

4PLUS briketes
4 PLUS briquettes have four major advantages
+ long burning time density up to 1,2 t/m³
+ low ash residue ash content 0.63 %
+ high calorific value moisture content 6.4 %
+ cleanse flues aspen wood contains no tanning substances and emits no tar
4plus brikešu labaratorijas testu pārskats

4PLUS briquette laboratory testing overview

4plus brikešu testēšanas pārskats

4PLUS briquette testing overview