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The woodworking enterprise 4PLUS was founded in 1994. We specialise in production of aspen and thermoaspen sauna wall and bench boards and glued finger-joint boards for export. Shavings and other production residues are recycled into 4PLUS aspen briquettes of high calorific value.  
Our efforts are aimed at reliability that secures quality of cooperation. We keep our promises and keep ourselves accountable for them. We truly value long-term affiliation and strive to maintain cooperation with 4PLUS to be an asset for our loyal clients. 

The enterprise began operation in Valmiera. Soon afterwards, in May 1996, another branch was opened in Alūksne. Initially, the enterprise procured birch roundwood for plywood production on behalf of the joint-stock company Latvijas Finieris.

Currently, an office and an aspen roundwood procurement site is located in Valmiera, whereas Alūksne is the home for the main office, the production site and another roundwood procurement site.  

From the 4PLUS site in Alūksne products are shipped to clients worldwide. The site occupies a plot of 6.3 ha owned by the enterprise with renovated and newly-built premises with the total area over 5000 m2.

The two branches and the affiliated enterprise 4PLUS SERVISS employ around 90 people in total.

4plus production plant

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