Acoustic panels made out of solid wood

The acoustic panels made from aspen are ideal for fitting on walls and ceilings, rendering northerly elegance and a sense of lightness to residential and public premises.
4plus sound absorbing ceiling panels made from aspen
Acoustic panel in naturally light white
Sound panels Made From Thermo Aspen by 4Plus
Acoustic panel thermo
Decorative sound panels made from thermo aspen
Acoustic panel thermo
Specification: Acoustic panel on felt
Specification: Acoustic panel on frame

Acoustic panels are designed to improve acoustics in your home, office, or any public space, by using special acoustic fabric or recycled PET materials in combination with solid wood slats.

Panels can be mounted on walls with screws or with an appropriate adhesive, or on the ceiling using screws or common suspended ceiling mounting systems.

Panels are extendable in width and length adding next panels and also are easy to cut in a desirable size, using special cutting set. It is possible to cover a surface of any size, adjusting to each space specific dimensions.

Panels are designed with solid wood slats either on a solid wood frame or on recycled FELT backing in sizes of 240x60cm and 280×60 cm. You can choose between three colors: thermo – highlighted wooden texture in brown shades, naturally light white tone and anthracite – dark grey color.

The aspen wood, used in our products, originated from the Baltics has been widely recognized for its light wood shade and low heat conduction ability. Acoustic panel slats are made using finger joint solution, which accordingly improves material stability and ensures responsible use of every wood log.

Experience is our main asset. For 30 years we have learned and understood Aspen wood’s best characteristics and, therefore, have been able to bring out its best value, creating functional and aesthetic solutions for interior and sauna design.

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