Wood chip briquettes for wholesale

4PLUS aspen wood shaving briquettes are significantly denser and drier than others, so they burn longer and release more heat.

In the process of burning, the moisture contained within evaporates, making the briquette crack, that results in sooner disintegration and burning up. The drier and denser briquettes, the less prone to disintegrate they are, the longer they burn and the more heat they release.

4PLUS briquettes are held in high regard by consumers because they evolve into hot ember, burn for a long time and disintegrate slowly; besides, the aspen wood contains no tanning substances and emits no tar while burning.

4PLUS briquettes have four significant advantages:

+ Long burning time density up to 1.2 t/m³
+ Produce little ash ash content 0.38 %
+ Release a lot of heat humidity 7.13 %
+ Purge flues aspen wood emits no tar and contains no tanning substances
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