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Sauna boards, interior & acoustic panels

4PLUS is a Latvian woodworking company that was founded in 1994. We specialize in the production of aspen sauna materials. We offer sauna benches, wall panels, various types of moulded wood profiles, high heat capacity woodchip briquettes, and our latest addition – acoustic panels. We have been working constantly learning and focusing on producing high-quality wooden materials. With the rich experience, we’ve accumulated over the last 30 years, we are determined to use it, to your – our customers’ utmost benefit.

Efficient usage of wooden materials is not simply a matter of production efficiency, but also a way of showing respect for the people who planted, tended, and harvested the forest. We use timber which is harvested in compliance with sustainable and responsible forestry according to FSC and PEFC standards.

Natural and contemporary

High-quality aspen fittings are ideal for contemporary interior and exterior fitting of both traditional and modernistic living space.

The northerly-looking aspen wood is homogeneous, lightly and subtly coloured and gently textured. Thermally treated aspen wood has a warm brownish shade, while tinted wood radiates natural austerity and elegance.

4PLUS wall paneling boards in a natural wood color, showcased in an indoor setting.
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